Misc Products

Custom Cables Electronic Ratio Adapters

Our cables are custom built to your sample or specifications and speedometer cables are manufactured in our shop while you wait, or we can ship it directly to you.

  • Speedometer Cables - SS White, Clark Brothers
  • Push Pull Cables - Cablecraft, Felsted
  • PTO Cables - Cablecraft

For vehicles that have an electronic speedo and tach that needs calibration due to tire changes, ratio gear change or new transmission

  • Abbott
  • Cyberdyne
  • Dallas Mustang
  • SuperLift



Ratio Adapters Distance/Speed Measuring Devices

Manufactured per your specifications, or we can duplicate specific brands including Stewart Warner and SS White

  • Off-set & Inline
    Masstech Adapters
  • Masstech 90
    Degree Adaptors

These devices are used in vehicles to measure speed, time and distances, and are useful for road construction vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, trucking companies, etc.

  • ARGO